Our History

Motel Le Martinet, also known as “Le Vieux Martinet”…

Numerous are the custumers who stayed over and still today, remain with an excellent impression about this mythical site.

Situated at the cross roads of the 132 and 230 provincial roads, well before highway 20, the little restaurant that was built in 1950 turned into a fine motel in 1955 when an extension was built in order to satisfy traveller’s demands.

Whether it’s for a vacation, workers who stay overnight during their travels, or Atlantic provinces citizens, all mark their passing at Le Martinet.

Reconstruction du Motel le Martinet

Is it because of our excellent cuisine? Our staff’s smile? Fortuitous meetings? Le Martinet turned into a unique meeting place where people are anxious to stop by. Many years have passed but Le Martinet remained. It changed and evolved but still has the charm of it’s beginning.

Photo Historique
Ancien Martinet
Vue du croissement des route 132/230

Photos : Archives de la Côte du Sud